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Democrat candidate re-states intentions for at least two tax increases, after claiming he would raise “no taxes”

[Madison, Wis.] – The Walker campaign today released the following statement on Tony Evers admitting to at least two tax increases today at Madison-area stops while trying to convince voters that he will raise “no taxes” after facing months of criticism for his proposals that would halt Wisconsin’s economic comeback. Campaign Manager Joe Fadness made the following statement:

“Throughout the course of this campaign, Tony Evers has consistently made policy proposals and given statements to supporters, in the media, and on camera showing that he will increase taxes. Now today he has admitted to at least two of those tax increases all over again, and repeatedly refused to rule out increasing taxes of any kind — he can try to fool taxpayers all he wants, but the facts don’t lie and Tony’s political double-talk has to stop.”

  • Evers today doubled down on his plans to roll back the Manufacturing & Agriculture Tax Credit, saying there would be “less” of the tax credit — which by definition means higher taxes on family farmers and small businesses.
  • He also once again made statements showing he remains open to unspecific increases in the gas tax, after repeatedly saying “everything is on the table” and that he has “no range” in response to repeated questions about his plans.
  • These two tax increases are in addition to the fact that his education budget proposal — which he plagiarized at least seven times over several budgets, from such sources as Wikipedia — would open the door to property tax increases by raising revenue limits, and tie future increases in revenue limits to inflation.
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