Contact: Austin Altenburg

Highlights proven record of lower taxes and keeping Wisconsin working

[Madison, Wis.] – The Tavern League of Wisconsin proudly endorsed Gov. Walker in his campaign for Wisconsin governor. The Tavern League thanks Gov. Walker for lowering taxes and creating an environment that fostered strong economic growth in the state.

Before Gov. Walker took office, Wisconsin was moving backward as jobs fled the state and double-digit tax increases hurt hard-working families and businesses. Today, Wisconsin is working again thanks to Gov. Walker, and he has a plan for the next four years that will keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

Statement from Tavern League of Wisconsin President, Chris Marsicano:

“On behalf of the Tavern League of Wisconsin, we are proud to endorse Gov. Walker. The governor has enacted bold reforms that have Wisconsin working again. We thank him for fighting to keep taxes low on small businesses across the state. We look forward to reelecting Scott Walker and partnering with him in the coming years to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.”

Statement from Gov. Walker on the endorsement:

“We are proud to have the endorsement of the Tavern League of Wisconsin and its 5,000 member businesses across the state. Over the last eight years, we have taken Wisconsin’s economy to new heights with record low unemployment, more people working than ever before, and increased opportunities for families and job creators. We look forward to working with the Tavern League over the next four years as we continue to lower taxes and enact our plan to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.”

The Tavern League of Wisconsin represents over 5,000 of Wisconsin’s bars and taverns. The Tavern League works to keep laws up to date while still maintaining an appropriate amount of regulation to keep the public safe. This last term, Gov. Walker and the Tavern League worked to keep taxes low on bars and taverns, strengthen the lifesaving SafeRide program in Wisconsin, and create common-sense tax law changes for jukebox music.

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