Contact: Austin Altenburg

[Madison, Wis.] – Today marks one week of Tony Evers facing a drumbeat of questions he has failed to answer about the no fewer than seven cases of plagiarism that have been uncovered in his state education budgets going back at least six years. Rather than take responsibility, Evers has exhibited failed leadership and still must explain to the people of Wisconsin why he should not be held to the same standards as students in K-12 and college classrooms all across the state.

Check out what’s in the news:

From the Associated Press: “Gov. Scott Walker sent a letter Thursday to his Democratic opponent Tony Evers taking him to task over seven instances of plagiarism in budget requests that Evers submitted as the head of Wisconsin‘s education department.”

From Fox News: “Tony Evers, the state superintendent, submitted several budget requests throughout the years that did not give credit for multiple passages lifted verbatim from other sources, according to the Wisconsin Republican Party. The GOP released documents showing the alleged plagiarism Sunday, going as far back as 2012.”

From Wisconsin Public Radio: “At a campaign event in Eau Claire on Thursday, Walker pointed out that DPI’s own website says ‘copying and presenting another person’s work as your own is illegal and considered plagiarism.’ The Republican governor said Evers owes an explanation.”

From WQOW: “Walker sent the letter, calling out Evers for seven instances of plagiarism in budget requests he submitted as the head of Wisconsin’s Education Department. Walker asked Evers in the letter to explain to students, “‘Why should you not face the same consequences they would as a result of your plagiarism?’”

From the Chippewa Herald: “’It is the height of hypocrisy for his defense to be that introduced a budget like the one he asked for when he asked for it,’ Walker said. “And at the same time his campaign and his allies are running attack ads against me and my view on education. He said it is a ‘pro kid budget,’ complemented us on being in favor of what he wanted in terms of education and strengthening education in this state and now from the other side of his mouth is attacking us on education. You can’t have it both ways.”

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