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[Madison, Wis.] – On Wednesday, Scott Walker’s campaign released a statewide TV adfeaturing Cal, the owner of a third generation family farm in Wisconsin who is concerned about the negative impacts Tony Evers’ tax increases will have on farmers like him. The ad follows the release of “Tony’s Pain at the Pump” ad Tuesday that features Scott Walker on the screens of gas pumps spotlighting the massive burden Evers’ gas tax increase could have on hard-working families.

Evers’ reckless plans to raise property, income and gas taxes will hurt small businesses, families and farmers across the state – taking Wisconsin backward. His recent call to eliminate the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit will increase the tax burdens on family farmers like Cal. Scott Walker is focused on delivering results for families, such as his record actual-dollar investments in K-12 education, without tax increases – showing the leadership to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

Read more from the Wisconsin State Journal here or find excerpts below:

Scott Walker: Preserving manufacturing, agriculture tax breaks key to growth
Wisconsin State Journal
By Mark Sommerhauser

Gov. Scott Walker defended his signature tax break for manufacturers and farmers Tuesday while touring his plan to draw more unemployed people into the workforce.

Walker’s remarks came at an event in Madison sponsored by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. He was introduced to the friendly crowd as the “architect of (Wisconsin’s) transformation.”

Seeking his third term this fall, Walker embraced that label.

“I’m proud of the fact that we have turned things around, that we’re headed in the right direction,” Walker said.

In an implicit jab at his Democratic opponent, Tony Evers, Walker defended the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit he signed into law, which wipes out almost all of the income tax bill for manufacturers and farmers.

Walker cast the break as integral to the state’s recent growth in manufacturing employment. He said 88 percent of the beneficiaries of the credit are small businesses.

“If we were to wipe that out, we would be taking out a lot of the growth and prosperity in this state,” Walker said. …

Walker also outlined his workforce-development efforts, which include encouraging employers to hire more people with disabilities and recruiting military veterans and millennials to relocate to Wisconsin from Chicago and elsewhere. …

His policy also calls for expanding drug-testing requirements for public assistance, which Walker and other proponents say gets unemployed people ready to pass a drug test and enter the workforce. Walker’s administration is advancing a plan to drug-test food-stamp recipients and public housing residents it identifies as able-bodied. …

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