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Public school teacher supports governor’s efforts to empower families, investments in rural school districts through Sparsity Aid

[Madison, Wis.] – The Walker campaign on Tuesday launched a statewide ad campaign featuring Jeanie, a recently retired public school teacher who believes the governor’s reforms provide necessary local control and helped turn Wisconsin around to the benefit of students across the state. Jeanie knows the governor’s additional funding for schools in rural areas, through investments such as Sparsity Aid, will help ensure student success regardless of zip code.

Gov. Walker’s reforms took power away from big government unions and gave it back to Wisconsin’s hard-working taxpayers and local school districts. The governor’s bold reforms helped balance the budget and put Wisconsin on the right track. Now, we’ve made record actual-dollar investments in education with $200 more per student this past year, and $204 more per student in the fall.

Gov. Walker sparked Wisconsin’s comeback. As a result of our successes, we’ve made historic investments in our shared priorities to keep our state moving forward and help Wisconsin win the 21st century for all hard-working families.

You can watch the ad, entitled “More Resources in the Classroom,” here. The ad begins:

Jeanie: I’ve taught elementary school for 27 years and I love my job. Governor Walker’s reforms have put more resources in the classroom this year. $200 more per year for every Wisconsin student – plus additional funds to help schools in rural areas with transportation and access to high-speed internet.

Gov. Walker: We’re continuing to put students first, with a record investment in schools, more support for our technical college programs, and a six-year tuition freeze for all UW campuses.

The spot will run on television as well as on a range of online and social media platforms. It’s the eighth in a series of ads the Walker campaign is running on the governor’s strong record of getting positive things done and his plans for more bold reform to help Wisconsin win the 21st century.

Previous Walker campaign ads include “Helping People Like Me” about building a high-skilled workforce, and “To Save Lives” about Gov. Walker’s bipartisan efforts fighting the opioid crisis and tackling serious problems for hard-working families. In addition, “Providing a Leg Up” is about the good jobs and workforce training the governor has supported as part of Wisconsin’s comeback, and “To Help People” discusses the governor’s support for initiatives to help students with disabilities enter the workforce. “Lower Premiums for Wisconsin Families” addresses the governor’s efforts to lower health care premiums after Washington failed to get the job done of repealing Obamacare, and “Students First” highlights the governor’s commitment to ensuring student success across the state. And finally, “The Wisconsin Comeback” spotlights how the governor’s bold reforms have jumpstarted Wisconsin’s economy.

Education Reform Fact Sheet

Educational leaders from all corners of Wisconsin support Governor Walker’s most recent budget:

See below for more information on Gov. Walker’s bold reforms to direct more money into our classrooms, make historic investments in education, freeze UW tuition for 6 years in a row, and increase funding for technical college programs:

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