Sept. 20, 2018
Contact: Austin Altenburg
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TV ad included in policy rollout to highlight how Child Care Tax Credit will make child care more affordable

[Madison, Wis.] – Scott Walker today revealed the third policy proposal of his agenda to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come, describing his plan to offer a Child Care Tax Credit – an initiative designed to make child care more affordable for Wisconsin’s working families. As part of the governor’s policy rollout, the Walker campaign launched its next statewide TV ad and provided a policy paper detailing the proposal that the governor will be discussing across the state over the next few weeks.

The cost of child care continues to go up in Wisconsin, often the largest expense families see each month. With almost 69 percent of Wisconsin working and unemployment at or below 3 percent for the seventh straight month, Wisconsin cannot afford for child care to be a barrier to the workforce for Wisconsin’s families.

You can watch the ad on the governor’s policy proposal, entitled “Great Place for Children and Families” here. You can find more details on the plan in the Policy Paper here. The ad begins:​

Scott Walker: Hi, I’m Scott Walker

And this, this is our future.

We want Wisconsin to be a great place for children and families, so we made historic investments in schools – $200 more a year for every student.

And lower property and income taxes – to help families make ends meet.

But the high cost of child care can be a real burden on working families.

Our plan provides a tax credit on up to $6,000 to help with child care.

Together, we can keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

The spot will run on television as well as on a range of online and social media platforms. It is the latest in a series of ads the Walker campaign is running on the governor’s strong record of getting positive things done and his plans for more bold reform to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

Walker campaign ads have highlighted the governor’s record on building our workforce, investing in education, jobs and the economy, Foxconn’s statewide economic impact, bringing down health care costs, support for rural communities, efforts to help students with disabilities, fighting the opioid epidemic, and more.

Key Facts on Scott Walker’s Record in Making Child Care Affordable
The Child Care Tax Credit will be available to all Wisconsin families who have qualifying child care expenses and earned income. Scott Walker’s proposal creates a nonrefundable tax credit for expenses tied to child care and dependent care expenses.

Before Scott Walker took office, Wisconsin’s property taxes had increased by 27 percent in the decade prior to 2011. Now property taxes are lower than they were in 2010 and the state property tax has been eliminated.

Scott Walker’s $100-per-child tax rebate helped to give back over $94.2 million to almost 558,000 of Wisconsin’s families and the recent Sales Tax Holiday helped Wisconsin’s families stretch their paycheck a little further.

Scott Walker’s pro-jobs agenda means Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has been at or below 3 percent for a record seven straight months, and this year Wisconsin had more people working than ever before.

Scott Walker has made numerous improvements to Wisconsin Shares, which provides monetary assistance for child care to Wisconsin’s low-income families. These improvements include lifting the child care rate freeze and increasing the amounts received by child care providers.

Scott Walker also eliminated the child care benefit cliff, allowing individuals to seek better jobs and higher wages without fear of losing their child care benefits.

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