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[Madison, Wis.] – Scott Walker announced that he is planning to restore the two-thirds funding of education commitment that was originally instituted under Governor Tommy Thompson, only to be discarded by Democrats, while continuing to lower the tax burden for hard-working families in Wisconsin.

The governor’s good fiscal management and positive reforms have allowed us to make the largest actual-dollar investment in schools in our most recent budget while continuing to lower property taxes. While the governor is investing in our priorities and cutting taxes, Tony Evers wants to undo our reforms and take Wisconsin backward.

Read more from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here or find excerpts below:

Scott Walker plans to restore state commitment to fund two-thirds of school costs in next state budget
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Patrick Marley & Molly Beck

Gov. Scott Walker on Monday vowed to restore the state’s commitment to cover two-thirds of school costs — a plan his opponent proposed two months ago.

Walker told conservative radio show host Jay Weber on WISN-AM (1130) he would put back in place the two-thirds funding for schools first made by former GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson without raising property taxes. Hours later, Walker made campaign appearances in Milwaukee and Green Bay with Thompson by his side. …

“The way we do it is simple,” he said at a stop at Pro Engineering & Manufacturing in Milwaukee. “It’s the way we have done it every year that I have been governor. We have been able to balance our budgets with good fiscal management. …” …

Also Monday, Walker pledged to give towns a big boost in road funding if he is re-elected. The plan is similar to one for counties he unveiled last month that would cost the state $57 million a year. …

“Maintaining our transportation system is a top priority, and our plan will help ensure we have a safe and reliable system for families and businesses across the state,” Walker said in a statement. …

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