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Walker campaign: Walker shows difference between talk and leadership in final debate
Governor shares optimistic vision that will keep Wisconsin working for generations to come

[Madison, Wis.] – In the final debate in the race for governor​, Scott Walker demonstrated the difference between talk and leadership. With his record of results and positive plan to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come, Scott Walker provided the people of Wisconsin with a stark contrast to Tony Evers’ failed leadership, empty promises, and higher taxes.

Take a look at some of the highlights below:

On Taxes:

“I listen to local officials, like I once was, and we gave them the largest increase in road aid in 20 years… Now I have to say something to the people of Wisconsin – hold onto your purses and wallets. Tony said everything’s on the table when it comes to taxes.”

On K-12 Education:

“All our students need to have hope that what they’re going to do is going to lead somewhere. They want to know what their future is going to be.”

On Pre-Existing Conditions:

“Should the courts or Congress change, we have the plans to go forward. We will always cover pre-existing conditions in the state.”

On Higher Education:

“I’m proud that we have one of the best university systems in the country… Going forward, I want to make sure we can make college affordable for every student.”

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