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Walker campaign: Walker shows leadership while Evers promises higher taxes in first debate
Walker presented clear vision for Wisconsin while Tony Evers offered empty promises and failed leadership

[Madison, Wis.] – During tonight’s gubernatorial debate, Governor Scott Walker presented a bold agenda for keeping Wisconsin working for generations to come in contrast to Tony Evers’ plans to take Wisconsin backward with failed leadership and higher taxes.

Take a look at some of the highlights below:
On Plagiarism:

“I don’t know of a teacher out there that would allow a student to hand in a term paper that plagiarized major portions of a document without attributing, particularly from Wikipedia.”

On Funding Education:

“First off it’s just not a question of if, we’ve actually done it. In the last budget we gave the largest actual-dollar investment in k-12 education in the history of the state. As I mentioned, Tony himself called it a pro-kid budget. We did it while still lowering the tax burden on hard-working people of the state.”

On Tony Evers’ Tax Plan:

“Ladies and gentlemen, when someone from Madison tells you they’re gonna tell you after the election how much, pull out your wallets and purses because he’s gonna raise your taxes.”

On Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions:

“Let me be clear, we can protect pre-existing conditions in the state without protecting the failing Obamacare.”

“In Wisconsin everyone living with a pre-existing condition is covered right now. And as long as I’m Governor they will always be covered.”

On Transportation:

“Since I’ve been governor we’ve invested 24 billion dollars into the state’s transportation fund. Compare that to the 21 billion dollars that Jim Doyle put in. In fact, during his time, toward the end of his tenure Jim Doyle took over a billion dollars and raided it out of the transportation fund. We had to pay that back in.”

On The Economy:

“We just saw the job numbers yesterday that show that for the eighth month in a row unemployment is at or below 3%. Prior to this year it has never been below 3% in the state of Wisconsin. It’s been eight months in a row.“

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