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Following Walker campaign’s ad contrast on taxes, Evers shows Scott Walker is right to warn of higher taxes

[Madison, Wis.] – Following the release of a new Walker campaign ad Thursday that features Scott Walker laying out why Tony Evers’ policies would take Wisconsin backward, Evers managed to prove the governor right by expressing support for increases in property, income, and gas taxes.

Tony Evers laid out more plans to raise property, income and gas taxes – all three of which would put Wisconsin’s jobs, and the success we’ve seen under Scott Walker’s bold leadership, at risk. The governor has been able to make record actual-dollar investments in our priorities without raising taxes, while Evers has laid out plans that would lead to tax increases on hard-working families. Scott Walker has a positive vision for Wisconsin’s future that builds on our record of results – with more of the governor’s bold reform, we can keep moving Wisconsin forward.

Check out what’s in the news:

Fox 6 on “Gov. Walker, Republicans shift attack of Tony Evers to taxes”: “In the latest Walker TV ad, Walker speaks directly to the camera and says: ‘With all of the attack ads these days, it’s easy to forget’ positives like lower property taxes, strong schools and that more people are working now than ever.”

La Crosse Tribune on big “gas tax hikes on table” for Evers: “Democratic governor nominee Tony Evers said Thursday that increasing gas taxes is ‘on the table’ if he’s elected – as is overhauling income taxes such that the wealthy could pay more, but low earners could get a break.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Evers considering “range of tax hikes”: “I would swear Christmas is around the corner after listening to Tony Evers and that the stockings are going to be stuffed full,” Sen. Tom Tiffany said. “But we all know that those bills have to be paid.”

WSAW on “Evers open to raising taxes”: “Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers says he’s open to raising a variety of taxes, including on personal income and gasoline, as part of his agenda to lower the tax burden for working families and fix roads.”

Wisconsin Public Radio on Evers’ “gas, income tax bumps”: “‘I’ve talked to many manufacturers since we instituted that credit and one of the big reasons why they’ve expanded here in Wisconsin is because of that manufacturing credit,’ he said. ‘It has done exactly what we wanted, which was to grow our economy.’ Tiffany also argued a gas tax increase would have a disproportionately negative effect on rural and northern Wisconsin residents.”

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