Gov. Scott Walker conceded this afternoon, offering the “full support of my staff and our cabinet” as Dem rival Tony Evers begins the transition process.

In a statement that thanked his family and aides and paid homage to his father, who passed away during the campaign, the guv praised Evers for “his gracious comments on our call today.” He also thanked Wisconsin voters, saying it was his honor to serve as their guv for eight years.

“We’ve come a long way together and it is my sincere hope that the progress we’ve made during our time in office will continue and that we can keep Wisconsin working for generations to come,” Walker said.

Early Wednesday morning, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch addressed supporters about the possibility of a recount. Today, Walker’s campaign said her remarks were based on information showing the guv with a slight lead. It said the announcement of the additional Milwaukee ballots came as she was arriving at the hotel to address supporters.

The campaign said after inquiring about the absentee ballots, which the city hadn’t started counting until late Tuesday night, it “determined that any change in the result would not be significant enough to determine the outcome of the election, despite its close margin and questions about how the city of Milwaukee executed its election night operations.”​

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