Gov. Scott Walker continued to push back on the suggestion he’d allow insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, calling the attacks “scare tactics” in a new TV ad.

Dems have repeatedly hit Walker on coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, citing his support of a lawsuit that would overturn the Affordable Care Act, which now provides those protections.

Walker’s latest spot, the 30th ad of his re-election bid, features the guv talking directly into the camera, saying he has family and friends with “serious medical conditions.” Walker notes his mother has had cancer, his brother has a heart condition and his wife is diabetic.

“We want to make sure they always have access to quality, affordable health care,” Walker says before saying “enough with the scare tactics.”

Walker closes the spot, “In Wisconsin, pre-existing conditions are covered, and as long as I’m governor, they always will be.”

The ad comes days after the Democratic Governors Association released a new spot in which the narrator charges under “Walker’s plan, as long as the insurance company can call it a pre-existing condition, they can drop you right when you need them the most.”

Walker’s campaign said the ad will run on TV, as well as digital platforms.

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