Gov. Scott Walker released his first attack ad of the campaign today, hitting Dem rival Tony Evers over a Middleton teacher who kept his license even after viewing pornography on a school computer.

The state GOP has knocked Evers on the issue in two TV ads already, including one the party released shortly after the state schools superintendent won the Dem nomination last month. But this is Walker’s first ad going after his rival.

Evers has argued repeatedly state law in place at the time the teacher viewed pornography at school didn’t give him the power to revoke his license, while Walker has countered the superintendent should have revoked the license anyway and let the courts decide. The law has since been changed.

In the new spot, the narrator says a teacher watched hard-core pornograpy in his classroom, commented on the chest size of middle-school girls and “suggested one struggling student should brush up on her sex skills because it’s the only thing she’d ever be good at.” The teacher then intimidated the female colleague who complained, the narrator adds.

“Tony Evers should have revoked the teacher’s license,” the narrator says to close the spot. “But he didn’t. And the teacher is still in the classroom with young girls.”

Walker’s campaign said it will run on TV as well as on digital platforms.

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