Gov. Scott Walker’s latest TV ad touts a new proposal to provide a tax credit of up to $6,000 to help cover the cost of childcare.

The proposal was included in the Department of Revenue’s budget request, which was released Monday.

In the ad, Walker introduces himself and says, “this is our future” as the ad shows a young boy.

The ad then shows Walker surrounded by kids in a daycare setting as he says, “We want Wisconsin to be a great place for children and families” before touting “historic investments” in schools, along with lower property and income taxes “to help families make ends meet.”

But Walker notes the cost of “child care can be a real burden on working families” and says he has a plan to provide the credit of up to $6,000 without offering other specifics.

“Together, we can keep Wisconsin working for generations to come,” Walker says to close the ad.

It’s the 21st ad of Walker’s re-election campaign and the second he released Thursday.


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