Gov. Scott Walker warns in a new TV ad Dem rival Tony Evers would “put the unions back in charge of education.”

The spot features the guv speaking directly into the camera. He opens the ad saying “We have worked hard to improve education” before he ticks off freezing tuition, putting more money into the classroom and giving schools “more control to hire the best and the brightest.”

He says Wisconsin ranks as “one of the best states in the nation for our schools” before issuing his warning on Evers, the state superintendent.

Walker says putting the unions back in charge would force districts “to spend more on overhead and less on students” before adding Evers would “lift the property tax caps to pay for it.”

The guv closes the spot, “We’re giving our children a better future. We can’t afford to turn back now.” Variations of the line the state can’t “afford” Evers have been used in Walker’s last several spots knocking his Dem rival.

The ad, the 23rd of Walker’s re-election bid, comes on the heels of Evers starting a new spot saying the guv can’t be trusted on education. Walker’s campaign says the ad will run on TV as well as digital platforms.

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