Scott Walker today unveiled the fourth TV ad of his re-election campaign, this one highlighting the guv’s efforts to help those with developmental disabilities enter the workforce.

The ad features Jordan and his mom, Maggie, who opens the spot saying her son has had cognitive disabilities since he was very young.

“But now I have a job I love,” Jordan says. “It’s at the hospital, to help people, to make sure the equipment is clean.”

Maggie says Walker expanded a program to help those with disabilities find work.

“And I am really getting good at it,” Jordan says.

As with Walker’s previous ads, the spot then switches to the guv speaking directly into the camera.

“Project SEARCH helps students like Jordan get the skills and the experience that they need to succeed,” he says.

Jordan then closes the spot, “I have learned to be more confident in what I am doing and to speak out.”

Walker’s campaign said the ad will run statewide on both TV and digital platforms. The campaign declined to say how much it’s spending on the spot. The liberal One Wisconsin Now, which tracks ad buys, says Walker has a $1.5 million buy on Wisconsin TV through early July.

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