Contact: Jeff Wamboldt

Integrity and honesty are virtues that my parents instilled in me
throughout my childhood. My mom and dad are two of the hardest working
people I know – they inspired me to start my own business, join the
Kenosha Police, raise my kids to work hard and to live with integrity.
It was those values, along with my proven experience, that I kept in
my mind when I decided that I was running for Congress.

My lifelong commitment and trusted record in serving my community
fueled my passion and desire to take service to a whole new level –
the Federal level. This was a new experience and a new process. The
responses I heard from friends, family, community members, and
individuals I’d never met before was overwhelming. I was blessed, to
say the least. I was humbled by the number of people who volunteered
for our campaign, whether it was by completing hundreds of signatures
for me, telling others about our message and then showing up to our
first town hall event, or by texting, emailing and calling with
encouraging words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Two of my most significant convictions – integrity and doing
everything to the fullest effort – are the reasons why I am making a
statement today. I cannot in good faith continue my campaign for
Congress. Unfortunately, unlike other candidates in the field, the
financial needs of my family are such that I need to continue working
my full-time job. I have many local duties, and will continue to hold
an unwavering commitment to serving my community. I am also acutely
aware of the monumental uphill financial and logistical challenge that
clinching the Republican nomination will be.

After prayerful consideration and conversations with Debbie and the
kids, it is with a clear conscience that I am withdrawing from the
race for the 1st Congressional District.

Again, I am thankful for the overwhelming support, positive thoughts,
and encouragement. The torch of liberty and freedom shines bright and
has stood the test of time because of the commitment of freedom-loving
patriots. It is my hope that the Republican nominee, whomever that may
be, will take up this torch and be bold for the beliefs that have made
America the shining city on a hill.



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