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Wisconsin students need legislators who stand up for their public schools, teachers say

The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) recommends Lori Hawkins in Senate District 21.

“Lori Hawkins believes all children should have the same opportunity for success, no matter where they live or what their family circumstances,” said Ron Martin, an Eau Claire eighth grade teacher and WEAC president. “Wisconsin needs elected officials who respect educators’ voices.”

“Public schools are the hearts of their communities and deserve senators who do what’s best for students,” Martin said. “Elected officials, educators and community members must work together to make sure that happens.”

Hawkins is a former public school teacher and WEAC member with a firm commitment to education. She has worked to improve the lives of Wisconsin children and families, including on immigrant rights issues and homelessness. Raised by teacher and firefighter parents, she learned that hard work and collaboration get the job done. She will bring that same work ethic to the Wisconsin State Senate.

In accepting the WEAC recommendation, Hawkins – who lives in Bristol with her husband Rob and their two children – said, “My children are the reason I’m running for State Senate. I will fight for their future and for the future of all our children.”

In making recommendations for the state Legislature, WEAC members focused on areas including support for public schools, giving employees a voice in school decisions and professional respect for the role educators have in keeping our communities strong.

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