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Wisconsin needs a fiscal watchdog to keep public schools and our economy strong, teachers say

The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) recommends Sarah Godlewski for State Treasurer in Tuesday’s Primary Election.

“Sarah Godlewski has a strong understanding of the important position the State Treasurer has within Wisconsin state government,” said Ron Martin, an Eau Claire social studies teacher and WEAC president. “Her strength in understanding the importance of financial transparency and internal controls is most impressive.”

“Public schools are economic drivers in our communities,” Martin said. “Sarah Godlewski will be a strong advocate for our public schools when it comes to overseeing the general school fund that supports libraries, technology and energy efficiency in our public schools. In addition, Ms. Godlewski seeks to address the burden of student loan debt by establishing low interest student loan refinance options.”

In accepting WEAC’s recommendation, Godlewski said, “As the product of Wisconsin public schools and the daughter of two public school educators, I am honored to have WEAC’s endorsement. I worked with educators around the state to save this office back in April and decided to run for the position because of its importance to public education! As State Treasurer, I will work diligently to ensure the best financial returns possible to the Common School Fund, so we can provide the tens of millions of dollars needed to fund books and technology. Our kids deserve nothing less.”

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