Contact: Sara Knaub
[email protected]

Sheboygan, WI – “Eight months ago, we started this journey with a commitment to building stronger communities, supporting working families, and ensuring that everyone has a fair shot at the middle class. Together, we built a grassroots movement that touched every corner of this district. Even though we came up short tonight, I am so incredibly proud of the work we did in fighting for the values we hold so dear.

Tonight, I want to congratulate my opponent Senator LeMahieu on his reelection to the Wisconsin State Senate. There is no doubt that Senator LeMahieu and I have different visions for Wisconsin and beliefs on what Wisconsin should do moving forward, but we share a fundamental commitment to democracy and a deep love for this incredible state. This was a long, but an overall positive campaign focused on the issues that face the people of this district every single day.

Even though tonight is not the outcome that I had hoped for, I have never been more hopeful about the future and that is because of all those who actively took part in our democracy. Throughout this campaign, I met more people who got involved in politics for the first time in their life than I have in 10 years of grassroots political organizing. Our democracy demands a rigorous and civil public discourse and that is what this campaign provided.

Putting progress over politics, community before party, and families first does not require winning an election. It does require that we activate ourselves in every aspect of civic life, that we put our all into building a better future in the communities in which we live, and that we work with those in office to build a future our children will be proud to inherit. I look forward to continuing to serve the communities we love in every way that I possibly can.“

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