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The 2018 National Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF) held their annual Awards Congress this past weekend in Sacramento, Calif. Four national winners were named Saturday evening Wisconsin has just added another National Outstanding Young Farmer Winner, the state’s 19th : Sam & Jenn Zimmerman, from Ringle. They operate ON-Q Holsteins which consists of 165 milking cows and 180 Holstein heifers and operate 450 acres.. The use of genetic testing, embryo transfer, in-vitro fertilization and the use of sexed semen, have allowed them to isolate the “elites” in their herd and grow the genetics very quickly. This has produced cows scoring excellent, a recent Dam of Merit, 2016 progressive genetics award winner from the Holstein Association, and 5 embryos being exported to France. They have four children. Phone: 715- 218-8619, email:

Three other national winners were: Robby and Stephanie Bevis from Arkansas, Ian and Val
Plagge from Iowa, and Nick and Sunny Cummings from Ohio.

The national OYF event is sponsored by John Deere, administered by Outstanding Farmers of America, and supported by National Association of Conservation Districts, National Association of County Agricultural Agents and JCI USA.

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