CONTACT: Marina Dimitrijevic, (414)255-4009

Wisconsin Working Families Party director Marina Dimitrijevic made the following statement regarding the upcoming primary election for the State Supreme Court on February 20:

“Wisconsin Working Families Party is pleased to announce our support for Tim Burns in the primary election for the State Supreme Court. In a state where the Republicans wield their majority control to benefit themselves and their donors, the State Supreme Court is an important check on power on issues ranging from redistricting to civil liberties. We believe that Burns will be a judge who will carefully weigh the needs of everyday Wisconsinites against the big money players that control the Republican party and by extension, the judiciary. In Wisconsin, we see the corroding influence that money has on politics and the people’s business. We need judges like Tim Burns to balance the scales.”

Tim Burns said, “I’m delighted to have the endorsement of Wisconsin Working Families Party heading into the final stretch. WFP stands for all that is good in our country and state. Together we are going to take back the Wisconsin Supreme Court from the influence of special interests and concentrated wealth. And together we can get Wisconsin back to a level playing field for working families.”

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