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Madison – On Monday, March 12th, the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WAWH) was incredibly proud to recognize and honor four Madison area women who created and gifted the #KindnessIsEverything message and image to help support Wisconsin women’s health, safety and economic security.

At the 9th Annual Wisconsin Women’s Health Advocacy Summit held at the The Edgewater Hotel, WAWH presented Jennifer Rosen Heinz, Kristin Garvey and Becca Schwartz with the 2018 Women’s Health Impact Awards. Kristin Joiner the designer of the original image was unable to attend but was also recognized.

Following the November 2016 election, Kristin Garvey created a handwritten sign with the message that read:

In This House, We Believe:

Black Lives Matter

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

No Human is Illegal

Science is Real

Love is Love

Kindness Is Everything

Through that original sign, the four women came together to further spread this message of love, decency and tolerance through yard signs. Their initial efforts went viral and initially raised $7,000 to support the ACLU of Wisconsin. Then in December of 2016, when demand for their signs and message was too great for the four of them to keep up with, they chose to gift the image and design to the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health to help generate additional financial support for an important cause they cared deeply about.

Founder and Executive Director Sara Finger gratefully accepted their gift and established online stores and local outlets for interested individuals to purchase various products with the powerful #KindessIsEverything message. To date, this campaign has generated over $100,000 in proceeds that have helped sustain and grow the critical efforts of WAWH. Over 19,000 products have been sold across every state in America and orders have come in internationally from New Zealand, Canada and Great Britain.

“The heartfelt message these women embraced launched an enormously powerful movement that has successfully helped raise funds our organization desperately needed to rise to the heightened demand for our advocacy efforts,” stated Sara Finger. “We are incredibly proud to honor and recognize Kristin, Becca, Kristin and Jennifer with our 2018 Women’s Health Impact Award for the significant contribution they’ve made to us that has subsequently helped thousands of women be effective advocates for positive policy change.”

To learn more about the #KindnessIsEverything campaign, link to:

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