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Madison – In his annual State of the State Address Wednesday, Gov. Scott
Walker called on the Legislature to enact the pending tort reform legislation,
Assembly Bill 773 (Reps. Born and Nygren) and Senate Bill 645 (Senators
Tiffany and Craig).

Below is the excerpt from Gov. Walker’s speech:

“I ask the members of the Legislature to pass our Small Business Plan to
help even more employers grow across the state. The first step is reducing
costs for small businesses. Lower taxes, streamlining regulations, and
reducing frivolous lawsuits are all part of the plan. There is still more
that can be done this session on ending unemployment fraud and on
lawsuit reform. Let’s get it done.”

Bill G. Smith, President of Wisconsin Civil Justice Council, agrees with
Gov. Walker and urges the Wisconsin Legislature to enact these
meaningful reforms.

“These reforms address the high transactional cost of litigation by
modernizing our rules of civil procedure, including discovery and class
action,” said Smith. “These and other reforms in the legislation promote
efficiency and reduce costs while assuring Wisconsin’s civil justice system
remains fair to all parties.”

To learn more about AB 773/SB 645, click here.

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