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Four counties awarded $250,000 for crisis stabilization services

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and Department Children and Families (DCF) awarded a $250,000 grant to Columbia, Green Lake, Sauk, and Waushara counties, to work together to provide an in-home mental health crisis stabilization service for local youth.

A voluntary service, in-home mental health crisis stabilization for youth is designed to help young people better understand the cause of their psychological distress, while teaching them healthy coping skills to manage similar situations in the future in their home, rather than a hospital or residential care setting. This program is designed to be short-term by assessing and treating the youth’s immediate needs, then connecting them to the appropriate level of behavioral health care in their community.

The in-home mental health crisis stabilization service for youth is part of a larger state effort to develop new care and treatment options for youth in emotional distress. This includes the development of an out-of-home mental health crisis stabilization service for youth, a new facility type created in the 2017-2019 Biennial Budget.

Under Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin has made historic investments in mental health, totaling more than $500 million dollars, so people can get the care and treatment they need. This includes an expansion of Comprehensive Community Services (CCS), a program that supports individuals of all ages living with mental health and substance use concerns at the community level.

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