DATCP NEWS RELEASE:  State Settles with Sprint Over Billing and Cancellation Issues

Release Date: March 30, 2018

Media Contact: Jerad Albracht, Senior Communications Specialist, 608-224-5007 or Bill Cosh, Communications Director, 608-224-5020

MADISON – The Wisconsin Departments of Justice and Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection have reached a consent judgment with Sprint Communications, Inc. (Sprint) to resolve consumer complaints related to inadequate cancellation disclosures for improper notice of price increase and changes to service. The settlement includes $280,000 in forfeitures and assessments, early termination fee refunds to eligible customers, and a $5.00 bill credit to eligible customers.

The judgment requires Sprint to make changes in its communications with customers to insure it provides legally required written notices to customers of price increases and changes to service. Sprint must also note the effective date of each change. In addition, these written notices will address cancellation procedures for customers who wish to end services at the time of a specified change without paying an early termination fee.

The early termination fee refunds will be given within sixty days of the entry of the consent judgment to each of Sprint’s customers who used Nextel phones and:

  • were affected by the January/February 2013 $10-per-month price increase to that phone, and
  • who paid an early termination fee within 30 days of the January/February 2013 $10-per-month price increase notice.

The $5.00 bill credit will be given within sixty days of the entry of the consent judgment to each of Sprint’s current customers who:

  • were subjected to certain price increases or other subscription changes that went into effect between January 2012 to October 2013, and
  • were subject to an early termination fee at the time of the price increase.

Sprint customers who are eligible for the $5.00 credit will likely see it listed on an upcoming bill as “WI Settlement Credit.”

By entering into this consent judgment, Sprint does not admit that it has violated any laws or regulations of the State of Wisconsin.

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