Donate to the Veterans Trust Fund on Your 2017 Income Tax Form

MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) today encouraged taxpayers to consider making a monetary donation to the Veterans Trust Fund (VTF) by filling in the “Donations” line when filing their 2017 Wisconsin income tax form.

A donation to the VTF can help fund the following:

  • Personalized assistance for veterans in each county;
  • Services for homeless veterans;
  • Job training for veterans;
  • Mental health services and resources;
  • Assistance with federal benefit claims and transportation to VA facilities;
  • Emergency financial relief for veterans;
  • Efforts such as suicide prevention training and Opioid Prevention and Awareness;
  • And more!

Donations to the VTF are allowed as a federal itemized deduction. Any donations made to the VTF on your 2017 Wisconsin Income Tax form can be claimed on next year’s 2018 federal tax return.  To claim a deduction for monetary donations, the money (1) must be donated to a tax-exempt organization, (2) the taxpayer must be able to itemize his or her deductions, and (3) the taxpayer must save a record of the transaction.

For more information on State of Wisconsin tax benefits for veterans and their family members, please visit:

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