October 30, 2018 Reid Magney, 608-267-7887

MADISON, WI – Meagan Wolfe, interim administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, today released a statement regarding candidates and political parties using the MyVote website:

MyVote Wisconsin is voters’ best source of information about when and where to vote, what’s on the ballot, absentee voting and voter registration. Other websites or groups offering similar information may not be as accurate.

For that reason, any candidate, political party or group is free to use the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s MyVote Wisconsin website,, in its communications with voters to help them find accurate voting information.

Any use of the MyVote Wisconsin website, or linking to it, does not imply any endorsement by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The Commissioner is an independent state agency, which does not endorse any candidate or political party. The nonpartisan staff of the Commission is prohibited from participating in political campaigns. The Commission and its staff are dedicated to providing accurate information to all voters.

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