Gretchen Schuldt
Executive Director
Wisconsin Justice Initiative Inc.
P.O. Box 100705
Milwaukee, WI 53210
Phone: 414-331-0724
Email: [email protected]

March 29, 2018 ​– ​The Republicans’ failed attempt to strip residents of two legislative districts of their right to representation shows the importance of an independent judiciary.

“The judges provided a strong defense of the rule of law,” Schuldt said. “Dane County Circuit Judge Josann Reynolds especially deserves a shout-out as a Walker appointee who stood up to the governor and his friends and endured undeserved personal attacks as a result.”

A fourth-grader would have been embarrassed to raise the arguments the Republicans used to try to strip voters of their fundamental rights, Schuldt said.

“They treated state residents and the courts like idiots by first arguing that a state law did not mean what it clearly says and then by arguing that allowing people to vote for their representatives in a timely fashion is a waste of money. The Republicans should be ashamed, and they should pull their attempt to disenfranchise voters through legislation.”

Attorney Brad Schimel supported the Republicans’ efforts. “It’s distressing that Schimel abandoned his oft-stated pledge to defend state law and instead chose to attack voting rights,” Schuldt said.


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