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The people have spoken—it is time to legalize marijuana

Madison, WI – Thursday, Nov. 8th, 2018Voters across the state of Wisconsin expressed their strong support for the legalization of cannabis, passing advisory referenda in each of the sixteen counties and two cities that had a question on the ballot. From Kenosha to Brown, from Marathon to Milwaukee, voters sent a strong message to the and Legislature: We want you to legalize cannabis in Wisconsin.

Support was overwhelming for both medicinal and full legalization of cannabis. For example, 82% of voters in Marathon County supported medicinal cannabis and 70% of Milwaukee County voters supported full legalization.

“More than 52% of the state’s electorate had cannabis legalization on their ballot, said Terry Polich of the Wisconsin Justice Initiative. “They didn’t just speak, they shouted. Wisconsinites want legalization now.”

In addition to the successful advisory referenda in Wisconsin, Michigan voters passed a binding initiative fully legalizing cannabis. Michigan now joins nine other states that have fully legalized cannabis and twenty-two that have made it available medicinally. This past month, Canada fully legalized cannabis nationwide.

Legalization will afford Wisconsin citizens great opportunities. Studies suggest that states with legal cannabis experience a significant drop in opioid prescriptions, a promising step in combating the opioid crisis. No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose. Cannabis also provides important treatment options for PTSD and chronic pain, issues especially acute for our veterans. Economically, cannabis can generate over $200M annually of revenue for schools and roads.

The following counties and cities across Wisconsin had a cannabis question on their county ballots: Brown County, Clark County, Dane County, Eau Claire County, Forest County, Kenosha County, La Crosse County, Langlade County, Lincoln County, Marathon County, Marquette County, Milwaukee County, Portage County, Racine County, Rock County, Sauk County, City Racine and City Waukesha.

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