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MADISON – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) applauded Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday for his proposals to reduce the tax burden on hard-working Wisconsin families while still investing in important priorities like economic development in rural Wisconsin and training the next generation of the state’s workforce.

Gov. Walker announced in his State of the State address a plan to give back the state’s budget surplus to Wisconsin families by creating a $100 per child tax credit. Families would receive a check for every child living at home under the age of 18 this year, and a permanent refundable tax credit would be created for subsequent years.

“Wisconsin’s future is bright thanks to the reforms advocated for by WMC and enacted by legislators and Gov. Walker,” WMC President & CEO Kurt R. Bauer said. “It is because of these reforms that Wisconsin’s estimated budget surplus grew by nearly $140 million and that a large majority of that money can be returned to the hard-working taxpayers of our state. Gov. Walker’s proposal to create a child tax credit should be quickly adopted by the legislature and signed into law.”

In addition to reducing the tax burden on families, Gov. Walker also announced a $50 million investment in economic development projects in rural Wisconsin. This money will provide worker training, promote business development and incentivize private development.

“Rural Wisconsin is critically important to the future of our state,” added Bauer. “The unique challenges facing rural parts of our state have long been a topic of WMC’s Future Wisconsin Project. We will continue to work with our partners in business, education and government to find solutions that put our best foot forward. Gov. Walker’s proposal to invest more money in worker training and economic development is a welcomed step to all those who live in small communities all around Wisconsin.”

The governor called on legislators during his address to pass these proposals before the end of the session.

“Gov. Walker put forward an ambitious agenda in his State of the State address,” Bauer concluded. “We look forward to working with him and legislators as we continue to move Wisconsin forward.”



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