MADISON – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce President & CEO Kurt Bauer appeared on multiple cable news programs last week to promote Wisconsin’s improved business climate under Gov. Scott Walker and discuss Foxconn’s official groundbreaking.

Appearing on Varney & Co. on FOX Business last Wednesday, Bauer said of Wisconsin’s investment in Foxconn:

“This is one of the best deals I think I’ve seen in the United States, as far as a major incentive package to move a major plant like this to a state.”

Bauer additionally appeared on CNNMoney Thursday morning to highlight the transformational impact of Foxconn on Wisconsin’s economy:

“For every one factory job, you create at least three jobs in other sectors of the economy like transportation, energy, retail, etc…The Milwaukee Chamber did an economic study that shows for every $1 in incentives, it will produce $18 for the Wisconsin economy – $51 billion over the next 15 years.”

He also defended Harley Davidson’s response to the European Union’s additional tariffs being placed on motorcycles:

“I think they are being strategic and pragmatic…They are not planning on building overseas and importing into the U.S. market. They are still building those in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. I think it is hard to fault them for doing what they have to do to stay competitive.”

On Thursday afternoon, Bauer joined The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan on FOX Business minutes after President Trump finished his remarks at Foxconn’s groundbreaking in Mount Pleasant:

“This is going to be a transformational project for the state of Wisconsin. It will also change people’s perception of what types of jobs we have here. We have high-tech jobs coming to Wisconsin.”

After the groundbreaking in Mount Pleasant on Thursday, Gov. Scott Walker and Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou announced the company would also be purchasing a building in downtown Green Bay to house the Wisconn Valley Innovation Center that will create at least 200 high-tech jobs.

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