Contact: Karen Hickey

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, released the following statement as Gov. Walker signs the lame-duck session bills to undermine the election results into law.

“On his way out the door, Gov. Walker has once again stuck it to the voters, ignoring the will of the people and approving last-minute lame duck changes to Wisconsin law that will trample the rights and freedoms of citizens in our democracy for years to come. This shameful power grab is a fitting coda to the Scott Walker era. An era that will go down in history as putting partisan politics and personal political ambition above all else. Scott Walker has once again chosen to rig the system to his own party’s advantage instead of protecting Wisconsin’s tradition of open and honest government. Wisconsinites will remember Scott Walker for failing to create jobs, attacking worker rights, ignoring democratic principles, and always, always putting politics and power above the people.”

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