MADISON…. State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk released the following statement regarding Governor Walker’s proposal to sell the state office building located in downtown Milwaukee:

“I believe the plan put forward by Governor Walker to sell the state building in Milwaukee is a true win-win for taxpayers.

Property taxpayers in the City of Milwaukee will benefit by having this prime location moved from state ownership to private ownership. It makes no sense to keep one of the hottest spots in Milwaukee for development as a state-owned facility. The building is literally three blocks from the new half-billion-dollar Bucks Arena.

Taxpayers throughout the State of Wisconsin will benefit by cutting total state space usage and getting out of some expensive private leases.

I want to thank Governor Walker and his team for thinking differently about state space issues. I have been impressed working with State Building Commission staff as I work to address facility issues. Before Governor Walker, too often it was the practice to rent state space and pay expensive rents. Simply put, if the state is going to be in a location for many years, it is just cheaper to own the space.

By moving these government agencies out of downtown Milwaukee, it will also be easier for citizens to use the facility and avoid the parking cost and hassle of downtown. This project is expected to save $1.2 million per year, that is $1.2 million less the hardworking taxpayers will have to pay.

Lastly, by moving the state building out of downtown, the new facility will likely help revitalize another area of the City of Milwaukee.”

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