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Wisconsin Working Families Party director Marina Dimitrijevic made the following statement in response to Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State speech today:

“Last week, Governor Scott Walker went into a Twitter frenzy, tweeting frantically that the Democratic victory in the Senate District 10 special election was a “wake up call” for Republicans.

“We agree. Welcome to 2018, Scott Walker’s last year in office.

“In his State of the State speech, Walker tried and failed to distract voters — with false statistics and dog whistle racism — from the reality of how eight years of his failed leadership, petty politics, and pay-to-play policies have hurt our state and its people.

“His failures are evident in every corner of Wisconsin, from rural counties to big cities. Our water is unsafe to drink; workers are unemployed, underemployed, and dropping out of the workforce; Wisconsin businesses, from local manufacturers to family farms, are suffering; and young people and teachers are fleeing the state.

“While Scott Walker doubles down on his donor’s pet policies, like drug testing the poor and giving billions of dollars in welfare to foreign companies, Wisconsin voters have had enough.

“Wisconsin Working Families Party helped launch the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign to engage voters who are hungry for change and demanding a government that represents them. Already, hundreds of residents are taking part in our candidate events and filling out online surveys to make their voices heard.

“The Democratic victory in Senate District 10 isn’t an isolated event. It’s just the first election in a progressive wave that will sweep Wall Street lackeys like Scott Walker out and a government that works for us into office.”

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