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Wisconsin Working Families Party state director Marina Dimitrijevic made the following statement in response to Paul Ryan’s retirement:

“Just the threat of facing Randy Bryce, a champion for the working people of Wisconsin, has scared Paul Ryan out of Congress and out of the Speaker’s chair.

“Wisconsin Working Families Party recruited Randy Bryce, the #IronStache, to jump in when everyone was saying that Ryan couldn’t be beaten.

“Paul Ryan’s quitting before he loses will resonate far beyond Wisconsin, inspiring insurgents to run and be giant slayers like Randy Bryce.”

Randy Bryce has been an active member of the Wisconsin Working Families Party since its founding in 2015. Last April, Wisconsin WFP leaders sat down with Randy Bryce in a coffee shop to ask him to take on Paul Ryan. At that time, nobody could have predicted that we would bring down the Speaker of the House of Representatives – even before voters got to the ballot box.

Randy Bryce is a powerful voice for the people of Wisconsin’s First District who have been left behind by Ryan and his policies. Randy Bryce held Paul Ryan accountable for being the congressman of Wall Street, not Main Street and for not standing up to the criminal Trump administration. Randy outran Paul Ryan, forcing him to quit the race today.

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