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Effective grassroots campaign engages thousands of voters across state to support candidate to take on Scott Walker

MILWAUKEE — Over 5,000 voters participated in the final round of the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign voting, rallying behind Democratic gubernatorial candidates Mike McCabe, Mahlon Mitchell, Kelda Roys, and Kathleen Vinehout. In order to be endorsed as the People’s Champion by the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign, a candidate had to receive over 50 percent of the vote; none of the final candidates reached this bar, which was set to ensure that an endorsement would only made if these was consensus from the grassroots. The Wisconsin’s Choice campaign will continue between now and the August 14th primary, with Wisconsinites — who’ve pledged over 50,000 volunteer hours — working on the four campaigns. Activities will include hosting house parties, door-knocking, making phone calls, and texting voters to educate them about the candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to take on current Republican governor Scott Walker.

“We set out eight months ago with the goals of engaging voters to take on the Walker agenda, helping voters discern between candidates in a crowded field, and centering our values and key issues in the gubernatorial race. We succeeded on all these fronts. We’ve built a giant, diverse, grassroots army of activists who have committed over 50,000 hours of action to take on the Scott Walker agenda and win. The next step includes multiplying our strength and engaging more people in the effort to harness voter’s deep desire to change the leadership in our state,” said Marina Dimitrijevic, Executive Director of Wisconsin Working Families Party.

Wisconsin’s Choice kicked off last December, and since that time has organized more than ten candidate forums and dozens of house parties all across the state in order to raise up issues that matter to everyday Wisconsinites, like providing healthcare to all residents, ensuring the safety of the immigrant community, tackling the climate crisis, reforming the criminal justice system, and raising wages and building worker power. The group will continue working through election day on November 6th to keep working families issues front and center in the gubernatorial race.

“Our Final Four candidates made it through to the third round for a reason: they inspired voters around a core set of issue and motivated a broad range of support. Between now and the August 14th primary, we’ll be encouraging thousands of Wisconsin’s Choice volunteers to get out there on behalf of these four candidates. We are working so that one of our candidates comes through the primary, but regardless the outcome, we will continue our work to engage and activate voters around our core issues through November.” said Sarah Lloyd, co-chair of Our Wisconsin Revolution.

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