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Aaron Shapiro, campaign director for the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign, made the following statement on the occasion of the 2018 Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Convention:

“Some may consider the 2018 Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Convention the start of the political season, but the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign has been busy for months, organizing our state’s voters to get involved in this year’s election. Wisconsin’s Choice is a game changer in this year’s gubernatorial race, energizing the grassroots to elevate and work to elect a candidate who can take on Scott Walker’s agenda and win.”

“Voters are demanding real solutions to Wisconsin’s pressing issues — like raising wages, funding public education, quality health care for all, protecting the environment, and reforming the criminal justice system. Through eight participant-focused forums Wisconsin’s Choice has brought together over a thousand Wisconsinites to have conversations with the candidates for governor about the issues that are most important to us.”

“Beginning this weekend, 50 volunteer-led Wisconsin’s Choice house parties will take place across the state, with hundreds of Wisconsinites talking about this governor’s race at kitchen tables and backyard barbecues. These parties are happening concurrent to our second round vote which will narrow the field to four candidates. Our powerful base is collectively committed to 1000s of hours of  knocking doors, calling neighbors, and doing the work to take back Wisconsin for the many and reject Scott Walker’s agenda. In a primary where a candidate can win with only 20 percent of the vote, we’re building a grassroots movement to elect a real People’s Champion.”

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