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MADISON — Brad Schimel will appear at a Wispolitics luncheon this afternoon where he is expected to dismiss the blunders, neglect, and ill intent that have defined his tenure as Attorney General. While he attempts to dodge questions on his record, we’re happy to remind him of its defining moments:

He seriously mismanaged Wisconsin’s rape kit backlog. Instead of prioritizing the elimination of Wisconsin’s 6,000 backlogged rape kits and delivering justice for survivors, Schimel neglected the issue, testing only 9 kits in his first two years in office. Over the years, Schimel has made multiple false statements about the backlog, even going so far as to blame victims themselves for his delays in testing. Schimel waited “for a bargain price” to begin testing the backlog, delaying justice for survivors and putting an unknown number of Wisconsinites’ safety at risk.

He spearheaded a legal effort to rip healthcare coverage away from millions of Wisconsinites. With Scott Walker’s greenlight of approval, Brad Schimel announced a lawsuit to repeal the ACA, putting 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions at risk of losing coverage. Health care advocates around the state have criticized Schimel’s crass politically-motivated decision, and have told stories about how limited their care options would become if Schimel were successful.

He neglected the opioid crisis while taking money from big pharma. Under Schimel’s watch, emergency  room visits for suspected opioid overdoses increased 109%, and opioid-related deaths have increased 43% since Schimel took office. Despite credible analysis suggesting big pharma’s role in manufacturing the opioid crisis, Schimel has refused to join bipartisan lawsuits to hold opioid manufacturers accountable, instead choosing to accept campaign contributions from big pharma. Schimel’s ACA lawsuit would also have devastating consequences for those seeking treatment from addiction.

He put his partisan goals ahead of the needs of Wisconsinites. Schimel has used his position to advance and talk up extremist partisan policies, often at the cost of Wisconsin taxpayers:

  • He callously bragged about Wisconsin’s voter ID law which has disenfranchised thousands of Wisconsinites

  • He spent taxpayer money to send his lawyer with him to attend a conference hosted by a known anti-LGBTQ hate group

  • In the wake of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting, Schimel joined a small crowd of extremists advocating that teachers should carry guns in schools

“It’s truly shocking how little regard Brad Schimel has shown for the safety and wellbeing of the people of Wisconsin,” said Courtney Beyer, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson. “Instead of doing the basic responsibilities of his job, Brad Schimel has punted the ball on his duties and pursued partisan games that have left Wisconsinites worse off. We deserve better from our state’s top cop.”

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