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MADISON — Today Gov. Scott Walker will be stumping in Illinois for Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner as both governors desperately attempt to save their own jobs from the building ‘blue wave’ that is intimidating them.

“Walker and Rauner are two peas in a pod,” said Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “They have both launched disastrous crusades against the workers of their states, so it’s no coincidence that they’re both unpopular in their home states and must resort to these sorts of desperate joint campaign appearances in hopes of luring big donors.”

Or — perhaps — Walker is heading to Illinois to recruit workers to take the Foxconn jobs he’s making Wisconsinites spend $4.5 billion on?

In Illinois Walker has received flack for placing ads in Chicago public transit to recruit Illinois residents to move to Wisconsin. These ads are a part of a $8 million ad campaign to lure Illinois residents to Wisconsin to fill jobs at the Foxconn plant that will be located in southeastern Wisconsin.

“Why are Wisconsin taxpayers footing the bill for Illinois jobs?” asked Laning. “Walker thought Foxconn would be a notch in his belt to brag about during a tough election year. Turns out people are not happy to be footing the bill for a Walker campaign giveaway we will still be paying off decades from now.”

This visit may also involve Rauner thanking Walker for getting Wisconsin taxpayers to fund thousands of Illinois jobs, as the Chicago Sun-Times editorial previously noted: ‘Best we can tell, it’s a crap shoot as to whether luring the giant electronics company to Wisconsin would work out well for you, given the billions of dollars in tax breaks your governor has promised, but it would be terrific for Illinois. It would cost our state nothing, yet up to half of the new jobs could go to our residents, while O’Hare Airport would get the new international travel business.’

“The reality is, Wisconsinites don’t want Walker’s Foxconn deal any more than Illinoisans want his subway ads,” said Laning. “Wisconsinites want investment in our local entrepreneurs and support for our small businesses. We want healthy communities, fully-funded classrooms and long-term transportation solutions. Instead of listening to Wisconsinites, Walker is helping out Illinois.”

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