For Immediate Release
July 10, 2018
Contact: DPW Press, 608-260-2409

Schimel and RAGA remain silent despite reports of misconduct, Other GOP members calling for Hill’s resignation

MADISON — It’s been over a week since news broke of accusations of sexual misconduct against the Indiana Attorney General and one of Brad Schimel’s biggest backers, the Republican Attorney General Association, has said nothing. When women are finally being heard and believed, RAGA and Brad Schimel have been silent.

Make no mistake, Brad Schimel has the influence and authority to call on RAGA to stand up for the victims of AG Hill’s sexual misconduct. He’s a major donor to them, earning his spot on a lavish Mar-a-Lago getaway and their continued support.

But it’s not the first time Brad Schimel has put politics before justice. Despite clear evidence, Brad Schimel didn’t know if he could believe Roy Moore’s accusers. He blew off the rape kit backlog, claiming he had tested hundreds when testing had only be completed on 9 kids. He even went so far as to claim it did not even exist, earning him a “Pants on Fire” rating from Politifact Wisconsin.

“Brad Schimel’s complicit silence is deafening,” said George Gillis, DPW Executive Director. “Schimel has continued to fail to get justice for Wisconsin’s victims of sexual assault and now he and a major backer refuse to denounce a fellow Republican AG even when Indiana’s Republican Governor has called for his resignation. This is just another example of Brad Schimel putting politics before justice.”

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