Contact: Melanie Conklin, 608-260-2409

MADISON — Thousands of high-school students across Wisconsin and the nation are walking out of class today to demand action on gun safety reform following the horrific mass shooting at a Florida high school last month. Wisconsin students are marching to the State Capitol to deliver a letter to the governor’s office, but Scott Walker has conveniently chosen to be out-of-town. He should be embarrassed that he will not speak to the students who, unlike himself, are taking an active role in addressing gun violence in our communities.

The following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melanie Conklin:

“Scott Walker is intimidated. He’s intimidated by these brave students who are asking for reasonable gun safety measures to keep themselves alive, and he’s intimidated by his big NRA donors who are holding our state hostage.

“Walker can’t even do the bare minimum and sit down with these students and listen to their concerns. If Walker truly cares about keeping our schools safe, he would show an ounce of the bravery these students are displaying and stand up to the gun manufacturing lobby and NRA and implement gun safety reform that the overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites — including gun owners — support.

“The admirable courage and determination of the students today stands in stark contrast to the subservience and cowardice our governor and Republican legislators continue to display on gun safety.”

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