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WisDems: Here are all the questions Scott Walker ducked this week
Scott Walker’s neck must be hurting from all the ducking he did this week.

Walker’s been running from tough questions and his failed record for the entire campaign, but it got out of hand this week. Just look for yourselves:

Lincoln Hills Report: WSAW published a report on Monday showing Walker quashed an independent inspection of Lincoln Hills just days before the crisis went public. WSAW said Walker had been ducking their requests for an interview for weeks.

  • “Walker said his staff had not told him about our request. However, he did not follow up on our question about granting an interview.”

Plane Trip from Appleton to Green Bay: Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes mocked Walker’s infamous 24 mile flight on the taxpayer’s dime. When asked about his flight, Walker threw some false attacks at Evers and ducked on the plane question.

  • “He never commented about his trip by plane.”

Trump Mocking Christine Ford: President Trump used a campaign rally this week to mock Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser. Walker claimed he hadn’t heard about it.

  • “Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday he wasn’t familiar with President Donald Trump mocking a woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.”

Lincoln Hills Report…Again: The rare Double-Duck. Walker was asked again this Friday about the report, and claimed he couldn’t remember what happened. How convenient.

  • Walker, speaking Friday while touring a manufacturer in Middleton, said, “I don’t have any knowledge of that,” while questioning Wall’s credibility. “I’d have to go back and look at the records one way or another,” Walker said. “That’s a long time ago.”
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