by Rick Romell, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Opening a new front in the battle over Mount Pleasant’s declaration that the Foxconn area is blighted, a group of homeowners is asking a Racine County judge to overturn the village’s decision.

The blight designation, which paves the way for Mount Pleasant to take property by eminent domain, was “fraudulent, arbitrary and capricious” and contrary to Wisconsin law, the homeowners said in their complaint.


The homeowners who are filing suit argue that the blight designation is illegal.

“If prime Wisconsin farmland and lovingly maintained rural residences can be declared blighted, and taken to sell or give to massive factories, then almost every inch of the State of Wisconsin is blighted, and capable of being seized by government at any time to be sold, leased, or given to private companies,” the complaint alleges.

The real purpose of the blight designation is to give the village leverage in negotiating with small landowners, the lawsuit claims.

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