For Immediate Release
September 20, 2018
Contact: Alex Japko,

Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Scott Walker has no plan to deliver on his false promise to protect Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions. The Walker-approved lawsuit against the ACA would effectively end the protections, and today Walker’s campaign failed to offer specifics on how he could restore them at the state level.

When you consider his long record of attacking health care in Wisconsin, this latest revelation should surprise no one. Walker has never worried about protecting Wisconsinites’ access to health care, and he has no plans to start now.

It’s now been four days since Tony Evers challenged Walker to pull out of the lawsuit. He still hasn’t received a response.

Read the report here or excerpts below:

Journal Sentinel: Walker gives no details on how state would ensure pre-existing coverage if Affordable Care Act is suspended

Would the Wisconsin Legislature be willing to adopt many of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act?

That would have to happen for Gov. Scott Walker to make good on his promise last week to ensure that people with pre-existing health conditions have access to insurance if Wisconsin and 19 other states succeed in having the law declared unconstitutional.

…Without a similar requirement in state law, insurers could easily sidestep any requirement that they cover pre-existing health conditions.

…Has the governor proposed covering people with pre-existing conditions?

Walker has not provided any details on how he would ensure that people with pre-existing conditions have access to health insurance.

In an email, Walker’s office did not respond to specific questions but reiterated that the governor would call a special session of the Legislature to guarantee access to coverage.

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