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It’s hard to sum up Scott Walker’s complete neglect of Wisconsin’s infrastructure better than these two stories did yesterday:

The Cap TimesWisconsin DOT report shows total transportation funding has fallen under Scott Walker

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports that total funding across all state transportation programs has fallen since Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011, despite statements Walker has made insisting he has made historic investments.

According to a DOT report on 2018-2019 budget trends released last week, spending has fallen across every road program, including major highway development, local road aid and assistance and southeast Wisconsin freeways, which saw the most dramatic decline. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker declares Zoo Interchange is done, even as years of work remain

Gov. Scott Walker is doing the construction equivalent of moving the goalposts — except, in this case, they’re orange traffic barrels

Walker on Monday celebrated the completion of the core of the Zoo Interchange, even though work on the interchange’s north leg is behind schedule. The overall construction project has for years tormented Milwaukee-area commuters.

The common theme? Walker making false claims about his transportation record that just aren’t backed up by the facts. He says he made “historic investments” in the state’s roads, but funding has actually FALLEN since 2011. Just like a typical politician, he claims the Zoo Interchange is done, when it’s actually years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. Walker plays politics while the people of Wisconsin are stuck with roads that rank 44thin the country.

“Scott Walker can make all the false statements he wants, but his failure to invest in Wisconsin’s roads speaks for itself,” said DPW Spokesperson Courtney Beyer. “Walker gutted infrastructure funding and now Wisconsin’s roads are some of the worst in the nation. Wisconsin needs a governor who will quit playing politics, and finally get serious about fixing the state’s roads.”

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