Contact: Alex Japko

WisDems: Statement on tonight’s gubernatorial debate

Tonight, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning issued the following statement on the gubernatorial debate:

“We saw on stage tonight two very distinct visions for Wisconsin: one based on division, fear-mongering, and doubling down on the same failed policy of the last eight years, and one founded on a belief in a better path forward for our state.

“No matter how desperately he tried, Scott Walker couldn’t outrun his record of putting his own partisan political ambitions ahead of the health and well-being of Wisconsin families. He’s denied our families access to health care and undermined protections for pre-existing conditions, he’s underfunded our schools, and he’s let our roads crumble.

“Meanwhile, Tony Evers put forward a clear vision of bringing people together to expand access to affordable health care, fix our roads, and make sure every Wisconsin kid gets the education she deserves.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher, and as we saw tonight, the contrast couldn’t be clearer. Wisconsin, it’s time for a change.”

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