For Immediate Release
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Contact: Brad Bainum,

Seven days out from the primary election, Nicholson and Vukmir take the race even further into the gutter.

MADISON — Wisconsin’s Republican Senate primary has gotten so nasty that Kevin Nicholson’s top campaign strategist is now attacking Leah Vukmir as “Lyin’ Leah!”, while Nicholson’s Dick Uihlein-funded Solutions for Wisconsin super PAC continues to attack Vukmir on the airwaves.

In a Tuesday morning tweet, top Nicholson strategist Jeff Roe accused Vukmir of desperate dishonesty, labeling her “Lyin! Leah”:

Nicholson himself has a significant truth-telling problem, but seven days out from the primary election it’s clear that the nasty GOP Senate primary is in full swing, with both campaigns ignoring U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s plea that they “Please do nothing to harm the other candidate.”

And it isn’t just Nicholson’s campaign that’s lashing out this week: Nicholson’s billionaire backer Dick Uihlein continues to fund anti-Vukmir TV ads. Yesterday, Solutions for Wisconsin — a super PAC entirely funded by $3.5 million in Uihlein cash — released a new ad that slams Vukmir.

Get ready: with seven days left until the August 14 Republican primary, things are only going to get nastier and more “brutal” in the days ahead.

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