For Immediate Release
October 18, 2018
Contact: Alex Japko, [email protected]

Paul Jadin, First CEO of WEDC, Writes Joint Letter With Wall and Bildsten Slamming Walker, Supporting Evers

Today, yet another one of Scott Walker’s cabinet secretaries is speaking out against their former boss. This time it’s Paul Jadin, the first CEO of WEDC, exposing the governor’s management failures. Jadin resigned from the Madison Region Economic Partnership yesterday, giving up a $200,000+ salary, to be able to speak out against his former boss.

In a joint letter with other former Walker Secretaries Ed Wall and Peter Bildsten, Jadin wrote that the first priority of the Walker administration was furthering his political career, not fighting for the people of Wisconsin. They also cite the state’s deteriorating roads and education system as reasons they felt the need to speak out.

Here’s an excerpt from the scathing letter:

It became clear that his focus was not on meeting his obligations to the public but to advancing his own political career at a tremendous cost to taxpayers and families. As we come to a critical election, we find it imperative that we share with Wisconsin voters why we will not be voting for Governor Walker. It starts with transportation, education and safety issues and extends to pervasive questionable practices within the administration.

There can no longer be any dispute over the fact that Wisconsin’s infrastructure is deteriorating and that we have gone from bragging about our roads and leading the way in innovation, to being endangered and embarrassed by them.

Jadin joins former Corrections Sec. Ed Wall, Finance Sec. Peter Bildsten, and Transportation Sec. Mark Gottlieb as Walker appointees who felt compelled to speak out against Walker.

“This letter confirms what we already knew: Scott Walker is a typical politician who cares more about his own political career than working families in Wisconsin,” said DPW spokesperson Alex Japko. “Even Walker’s closest allies have had enough of his political games and failed leadership. Paul Jadin has added his voice to the chorus of Wisconsinites, which grows louder by the day, who are calling out for change this November.”

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