Contact: Courtney Beyer, [email protected]

Today, Scott Walker is rolling out the red carpet for Vice President Mike Pence in Milwaukee.

And even though Walker is dealing with his own airline-related scandal, the talk of the tarmac today is: Will Walker use this opportunity to finally stand up for Wisconsin?

Wisconsinites shouldn’t hold their breath. Walker has yet to forcefully speak out against the harmful policies coming out of D.C. from the Trump administration. Whether it was it was supporting Republican efforts to undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions or staying silent when Harley-Davidson came under attack from Trump, Walker has put his own political interests above the interests of Wisconsin families.

We’ll have to see if Walker will be a stronger advocate for Wisconsin when faced with the Vice President instead of President Trump. Unfortunately for Wisconsin, it’s doubtful.

“With Pence coming to town, everyone’s wondering if this will finally be the day that Scott Walker grows a spine and stands up for Wisconsin,” said DPW Spokesperson Courtney Beyer. “While Wisconsin families and businesses get hit hard by the harmful policies coming out of Washington, Walker is too busy worrying about his own political ambitions. Walker should be worried about defending Wisconsin families, not getting another photo-op.”

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